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Behind the Brand

A whimsical shop inspired by beloved stories and characters

Hi! I'm Haley, the face behind Wit & Wonder Co!

I'm a dreamer, traveler, night owl, and a theme park kid at heart! I live in Pittsburgh, PA with my sweet husband and little boy Loch, they are my whole world. This business of mine started on my living room floor in 2020 with a hammer and a dream, never would I have imagined where it has brought me now! Wit & Wonder Co. celebrates the stories and characters we all know and love. If you're here I know you cherish these fantasy worlds as much as I do! I offer an array of designs with a subtle nod toward your favorite film, book, show...or park! Each design is hand-stamped to perfection so that when you select your dream piece, you know that it was made with love. Whether you are purchasing for yourself or a special someone, you’re sure to find what your magical heart desires! Thank you for being here, your support makes my small biz heart sing!

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